The Pin and Serial No will grant you access to WAEC GCE e-registration Platform.
1. Start by using the WAEC Offline Biometric Data Capture Software
2. Enter WAECONLINE Website by clicking here or visit
3. On the Homepage, Click on the section tagged "WASSCE (For Private Candidates)"
4. Click on WASSCE Exams Option (First or Second Series) the candidate wish to Register
5. Click on "Continue Registration" button, enter Username and Password and click on "Login"
6. Follow the instructions on the portal to complete your e-registration or visit a registration centre

Please Note: This Pin & Serial Number can ONLY be used once for a particular candidate.



Get WAEC GCE Pin online Instantly

WAEC Scratch Card is also known as WAEC GCE PIN is a product of The West African Examinations Council (WAEC). The Pin and Serial No will grant you access to WAEC GCE e-registration Platform
The e-PIN stands for Electronic Personal Identification Number. In WAEC, it is a unique 10-digit or 12-digit number that is required to access the service. The service enables direct access to a candidate’s registration on WAEC GCE portal.
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Get WAEC GCE Pin online Instantly

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Simple Steps to Register 2020 WASSCE
How to register for WASSCE or WAEC Gce
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Second Series - WAEC Registration

WAEC Opens Registration Portal For WASSCE Second Series - The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has began registration for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for Private Candidates 2020 Second Series. The WAEC Second Series gives private candidates the best option to take the WASSCE after or before their WAEC May/June Examination. A statement by WAEC’s Head of National Office, Mr. Olu Adenipekun, noted that the WASSCE for Private Candidates, 2020 Second Series would feature only 24 subjects and take place in mainly urban areas. It advised candidates to check for available subjects and centres before registering. WASSCE for Private Candidates, 2020 – Second Series would mainly be an urban-based examination. Thirty Six (36) subjects would be available for the examination. Intending candidates are advised to visit the Council's corporate website – – to confirm available examination towns and subjects before obtaining the WAEC Registration PIN, the statement reads. Candidates have until July 31, 2020 to complete normal registration for the WASSCE examination which would hold between August and September 2020. However, candidates will be allow to register after the close of normal registration window, which is refer to as Walk-in candidates – even up to 24 hours before the paper the candidate seek to write – but for a fee of ₦25,000 only.

WAEC November December Form

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About The West African Examinations Council (WAEC)

The West African Examinations Council is West Africa's foremost examining board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally. The VISION of WAEC is to be a world-class examining body adding value to the educational goals of its stakeholders. The OBJECTIVES AND MISSION Of WAEC is to remain Africa's foremost examining body, providing qualitative and reliable educational assessment, encouraging academic and moral excellence and promoting sustainable human resource development and international co-operation. WAEC CORE VALUES are Excellence, Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, Transparency, Team work, Innovativeness.

When Was WAEC Established?

WAEC was established in the year 1952, the West African Examinations Council, commonly known as WAEC, is a west african regional examination body with her headquarter in Accra, Ghana that conducts standardized school-level examinations in the five Anglophone countries of West Africa: The Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

How Does a Person Register For WAEC Examinations For Instance The WASSCE?

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) usually advertises entry periods and entry procedures in national newspapers. In the light of the WASSCE for example, WAEC conducts three exams each year; the first is the WAEC First Series urban-based examination for private candidates. This WAEC Examination holds between Jan/Feb every year. The second is for school candidates and this WAEC Examinations is written during May/June and all entry formalities are undertaken by the schools presenting candidates. Lastly, Is the Second series WAEC Private Candidates examination. It is the last WAEC Examinations running at the end of every year which is normally written between August/September. The WAEC Private candidates examination is popularly known as WAEC GCE and the WAEC GCE Result Checker scratch card can be obtained here on Morealso, You can also purchase the WAEC GCE Registration Form on this website with 100% customer satisfaction Guarantee. It is important to note that is WAEC accredited selling agent and once the prescribed fee is paid online for the WAEC Scratch card, the prospective candidate obtains the WAEC scratch card pin, either for WAEC online registration token or for WAEC online result checking pin Instantly upon successful payment.

How To Register For WAEC Examinations Online?

Registration for either WAEC Jan/Feb, WAEC May/June or the WAEC November/December WASSCE is done through the Internet (Online or Offline). In the case of the private candidates' examination, entry is on an individual basis. A prospective candidate purchases the WAEC Registration scratch card which enables him/her to complete the WAEC Online Registration form on the WAEC registration The registered WAEC candidate subsequently prints out from the WAEC website the WAEC photo card or WAEC Attestion Card for identification purposes, which contains vital information about the candidate's exam centre name, waec exam location, waec exam number and the waec subjects enrolled. The waec exam timetable and waec syllabuses are also made available to prospective candidates on the waec website.

What Is The Meaning Of WAEC GCE?

WASSCE Nov/Dec or WASSCE Aug/Sept, are known as General Certificate Examination (GCE) or WAEC GCE, is a private candidate examination and uniforms are not required but biometric registration is compulsory as in the former. The WAEC Second series examination is only offered during Aug/Sept or Nov/Dec each year. It is usually taken by secondary school leavers who want to correct deficiencies in their results. The WASSCE examination is also taken by SS2 student who wants to have a second hand experience of WAEC exam, in other to be acquitted with waec ethics with before their main SS3 WAEC School Candidate examination. The WAEC GCE results are made available to the candidates between 45 to 60 days interval at the end of the WAEC Gce Exam.

Which WAEC Exam Wear's School Uniforms?

WASSCE May/June is the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) for school candidates. It is taken by final year students in senior secondary schools (that is SS3 Students). They wear their respective school uniforms. This WAEC examination is offered during summer (April to May), and the May/June WAEC Results are always available on or before August every year.

WAEC November December Registration Closing Date Announced

WAEC 2021 WASSCE Aug/Sept external private registration has been scheduled to close on Friday, 31st of July, 2020 Buy and Register Your WAEC GCE Form now to avoid late registration or not been able to get a good WAEC GCE Centres of your choice.

What Is The Meaning Of WASSCE

WASSCE means for West African Senior School Certificate Examination. The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is in charge of conducting WASSCE examination accross the five (5) Anglophone Countries of West Africa. Wassce examinations holds trice every year in three different version i.e WAEC Jan-Feb, WAEC May-June, WAEC Aug-Sept or Nov-Dec Exams. Candidates are usually awarded the West African Senior School Certificate at the end of the examinations.

What Are The Differences Between WAEC SSCE and NECO SSCE Exams?

The SSCE is the final examination for senior secondary school students after six years of secondary education. The SSCE is conducted by two different examination boards: the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and the National Examination Council (NECO). The Students have the choice of either writing either the two exams (WAEC and NECO) or just one of them. SSCE is mandatory for admission into any Nigerian University, Polytechnic, Monotechnic and Colleges of education. The West African Examination Council (WAEC) is responsible for conducting the senior secondary school examination (SSCE) in 5 West African countries - Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone. NECO was established by the Nigerian Government as an alternative to WAEC. NECO conducts SSCE examinations only in Nigeria.

What Is The Structure Of WASSCE Examinations?

The structure of the WAEC SSCE examinations is divided into two main aspect:
1. Practical exam
2. Objective questions and theory
The objective questions section is made up of a series of multiple choice questions which give you several answer options. You will be expected to tick the appropriate answer as it relates to the questions. The theory section is made up of questions where no answer options have been provided. You will be expected to come up with your own solution. For English language, Literature in English, and science related subjects such as Biology, Physics, and Chemistry the examination may have more than two segments. You will be informed about the exact structure before the start of the exam.

2020 WASSCE Registration

This is to notify the general public especially prospective candidate of WAEC that following the publication of the West African Examinations Council that WAEC August/September Registration Forms for 2020 WAEC External Private Candidates is currently on sale. WAEC e-REGISTRATION Pin for November December WASSCE 2020 can be purchase from WAEC Zonal/Branch offices in Nigeria or online at, WAEC Aug/Sept Registration Guidelines is available on the official website of the Council. Interest candidates for the 2020 WAEC second series are encouraged to purchase their WAEC Registration Token and complete the 2020 WAEC Application form online before the registration closing date.

What Subjects Can I Choose For WASSCE?

The current SSCE curriculum requires every students to enroll a total of 8 to 9 WAEC subjects for WAEC SSCE Exam (Same is applicable in NECO). The WAEC Subjects Selection requires a proper guide in order to avoid mistake that will make the candidate WAEC result meaningless. Hence, candidates are advice to seek counsell of their parents, teacher or a career guidance counselor. On this note, here is a few order of selecting waec subject to be written during your exam:
1. English Language, General Mathematics and Civic Education are mandator
2. A minimum of three and a maximum of four subjects have to be chosen by the student preferred field of study (Sciences, Technology, Humanities or Business Studies)
3. At least one trade subject has to be chosen
4. The remaining subjects may be chosen from the candidate related field of study

What Is WAEC Gce Registration

The West African Examinations Council e-Registration System is a user friendly online registration package for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination. It allows schools in Nigeria to register their candidates using the offline or online module via the Internet. The WAEC e-Registration service makes registration easier for the schools and private candidate registration. The WAEC online portal makes it easy to eliminates and detect errors in WAEC registration. It provides a hitch free platform for candidates information to be directly submitted to the WAEC database, thereby reducing the risk of traveling a long distance to submit paper forms in WAEC Office. Immediately after successful registration candidate photocard is been automatically generated from the WAEC Server that will enable the candidate to sit for the WAEC exam. Other important documents issued to the student may also include the WAEC Exam Timetable and Syllabus depending on the availability at the point of registration.

Procedure For WAEC SSCE Registration

The WAEC procedures outlined here, Explain how to process WASSCE eRegistration for school candidates. It covers the following details:
1. Payment for the WAEC examination
2. Identification of WAEC Examination Officer
3. WAEC Registration of Candidates
4. Reviewing/Editing of Candidates Information
5. Generation of WAEC Examination Numbers
6. Downloading of Information
7. WAEC Offline Registration

How To Register For WAEC or GCE

Register for West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and also purchase your WAEC Result Checker from anywhere at Intending candidates for the 2020 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for Private Candidates can register WAEC or GCE online via our ecommerce platform at, Apart from Online/Web/Pos payments, We accept direct bank deposit into our account from any bank branch office, fund transfer via any mobileApp is also accepted or USSD code transfer.

How To Register For The 2020 Private WASSCE Via Facebook

WAEC e-Registration Pin or WAEC Result Checker Pin can be purchase via facebook/live chat on via, if you are already a fan with on facebook. If you are NOT yet a fan of on facebook, quickly hit the like button on facebook to start chatting and to purchase your WAEC e-Pins. Our agents are always online to assist you with your purchase.

WAEC Registration Website

Visit the waec e-registration portal to do the waec registration by following the steps below:
1. Launch your favourite web browser
2. Visit
3. On the waec website, click on the "WASSCE (For Private Candidates)" image or use this link
4. Then select the WASSCE exam type, either Second Series - August/September WAEC Registration or Second Series - August/September WAEC Registration
5. WAEC Online Registration for WASSCE for Private Candidates - Second Series (2020) is currently ongoing
6. The WASSCE for private candidates 2020 - SECOND SERIES WAEC REGISTRATION CLOSES ON: 31-07-2020
7. WAEC Online Registration 2020 - Second Series for private candidate registration period may be extended
NOTE: For WAEC May/June Examination i.e WASSCE (For School Candidates), the School Principal/Examination Officer can handle over the WAEC e-Registration of their candidates to a reliable, competent and accredited cybercafe to do the job on their behalf. The school is required to procured the Online Registration Scratch Card or WAEC Voucher from the WAEC
Zonal/Branch Office in charge of his/her State with bank draft in favour of the West African Examinations Council. The Examination Officer could then use the PIN (Personal Identification Number) on the Scratch Card or Pay Voucher to sign up as a new user on WAEC Registration Portal.

Important Notice For WASSCE 2020 Second Series

Intending candidates for the WASSCE FOR PRIVATE CANDIDATES, 2020 - SECOND SERIES, should please note that centres in examination towns, which turn out to be unviable at the end of the entry period, will be merged with a viable centre in the nearest examination town. 2020 WAEC Second Series Examination holds between August/September. Registration is currently on and will close on 31st July 2020. Tentatively the WAEC 2020 second series closing date might be adjusted due to COVID19 Pandemic.

WAEC Online Registration 2020 - SECOND SERIES

1. Download Click here for list of available subjects and exam centres
2. Download the 2020 WAEC Second Series Biometric Data Capture Software
3. Only Digital Persona scanners are allowed for WAEC Online Registration
4. Click Here for the rules and regulations governing the WAEC examination
5. WAEC Second Series 2020 Time Table (Private candidates - Not yet available)
6. Click Here for the WAEC Syllabus. 2020 WAEC Syllabus is very important guide
7. For support, send a mail to Customer Care or call WAEC Phone No: 234-1-9049320
8. Download a blank WAEC e-registration form or template for WAEC Second Series 2020
9. Know the types of WAEC Registration Pin/Code to use for 2020 WAEC Online Registration

When is 2020 WAEC Registration Form be Out?

If you want to apply for 2020/2021 WAEC registration form, note that WAEC 2020 registration form is already out. The form was released in June 2020. Students who wises to apply for this 2020 WAEC Second Series are expected to do so as fast as possible. This is because, the WAEC registration will be closing very soon.

How Much Is WAEC August September Form

The amount for WAEC 2020 registration form is ₦14,600.00. Interested candidates should take advantage of this early bird WAEC Registration Fee and obtain their 2020 August/September WAEC Gce form without delay before the Late WAEC Registration fee will be added to this amount. The 2020 WAEC Form fee covers the cost of e-Registration token and one WAEC Result Checker Pin that will be generated after the candidate has successfully submitted the WAEC Form online. Intending candidates should stop asking question like, your WAEC Gce card is too expensive and purchase their WAEC GCE Token here through before it will become too late.

Price For WAEC SSCE 2020 Registration?

WAEC Internal students who will be sitting for 2020 May/June WASSCE (For School Candidates) in various schools will pay more than the prescribed amount as the price varies from one school to another. So many schools charges differently for WAEC registration fees for one reason or the other especially miracle centres. It is no news that many schools in Nigeria (especially private secondary schools) charge up to 50,000 naira and even above for waec registration in their respective centres. The normal price for WAEC SSCE Enrollment fee fixed by waec is within N13,950. It is advisable you go to centres that charge less. You should also note that miracle centres charge higher for waec registration.

How to Pass WAEC Once and For All

How to Pass WAEC Once and For all is very easy. Having heard different rumour about WAEC exam, you may be left with various questions running through your mind that is capable of causing the student exam fever. Popular question like, Can I really pass waec without runs or expo? I am here to boldly tell you that you can pass waec without waec 2020 runs or expo. Then you would be wondering, How to pass waec in one sitting? You would have to follow the golden rules to pass WAEC examinations, the top secret is to start reading your books page by page. How to cram and pass waec in 2020 is second option for those that cannot easily remember what they have read.

How Does WAEC Expo Work?

WAEC Expo is an act of practising Examination Malpractise. Examination malpractice is defined as a deliberate wrong doing contrary to official examination rules designed to place a candidate at unfair advantage or disadvantage. Carrying Expo in WAEC exam is an offence and a big crime as such it is also referred to cheating in the examination hall. Waec expo is a situation where someone sends you waec answers on or before the waec examination day via sms or social networks. Some centers do help their candidates by supplying them answers in the waec examination hall. These waec centres are called waec expo centres or waec special centres. I am not ignorant of the fact that waec expo centres and miracle schools exist. However, you must understand that those things sometimes affect WAEC result negatively. The answers supplied might be wrong or sub-standard. Besides, cheating is wrong and waec could withhold your result. Work hard and pass waec without runs, expo or special centre.

Do I Need To Be A Student Of A Secondary School Before I Can Enroll WAEC There?

You can decide to choose any secondary school as your WAEC examination centre. You don't really need to be a student there. All you need to do is go to the WAEC centre when the waec ssce registration is starting and indicate your interest to enroll the WAEC exam. One thing you must note is that you could be charged more than the bonafide students. Alot of Schools charges WAEC external candidates more than the normal waec registration fee for their internal candidate.

Can Someone Help Me To Sit For WAEC Exam?

Someone helping you to sit for waec 2020 examination is malpractice. So long you can read and write, you should be able to pass waec by yourself without any external assistant like impersonation. Impersonation in WAEC exam if caught or detected by WAEC invigilator can lead to total cancellation of the WAEC Result for the candidate or sometimes it affect the whole center. It just requires patience and a little hard work on the part of the WAEC Candidate to read and prepare for their exam ahead of time. You can still prepare and pass any examination. Even the blind and deaf do pass waec exams. However, if its on the ground of health challenge during the waec examinations, feel free to contact the school principal for guide and the way forward.

WAEC Past Questions and Answers

2020 Waec past questions and answer are very important for student that want to score high grades in WAEC Exams. The use of waec past questions can dramatically boost your score. WAEC GCE Candidates should learn to study with past questions alongside waec new syllabus. You may be asking, How do I access waec past questions? There are three easy ways you can get waec past questions for 2020. Secondly, WAEC Past Questions and Answer can be Purchase from any bookshop close to you. Secondly, Downloading free waec past questions online and thirdly, waec past questions can be gotten for free from friends and family members.

How To Read For 2020 WAEC Exam

If you are looking for how to prepare for Waec, It is important to bear in mind that the way you prepare for waec exam is very different from how you prepare for normal classroom examination. Waec examination requires strong preparation tactics and high determination. One of the things you should learn while preparing for waec 2020 is studying for long hours without losing concentration and how to remember everything you read in the waec exam hall. Below are some helpful tips you can research on google to boost your success rate in this year waec exams and next year waec.
1. How to pass waec next year
2. How to study without losing concentration
3. Best way to study at night for 2020 Nov-Dec waec exam
4. How to remember what I have read in Waec examination hall

Why WAEC Withhold WAEC Results

You may be asking, why did waec seized my result or why did waec withheld some of my results? It is very common this days. It is due to three major reasons and they are WAEC examination malpractice, errors while filling your waec details and errors on the part of waec. However, error on the part of waec can only lead to missing script and not WAEC result been withheld.

WAEC 2020 Second Series Registration Deadline

The Registration for August/September WAEC GCE commencement date is 10th June 2020 and the WAEC second series registration deadline is July 31st 2020. Ensure to buy your November December GCE form on-time before registration closing date. The price of Second Series WAEC GCE 2020 form is now ₦14,600.00 and WASSCE exam date is starting by September 2020.

WAEC 2020 Second Series Timetable

The WASSCE for Private Candidates 2020 - Second Series Examinations will be starting by September 2020. If you have been wondering where to get the latest on WAEC 2020, download waec gce 2020 timetable, Is Waec gce timetable 2020 pdf for second series exam out?, When is waec gce starting this year?, Waec gce 2020 timetable, Timetable for waec Nov/Dec gce 2020, Second Series (August/September) Timetable, WAEC (Private Candidate) GCE Timetable 2020, WAEC GCE (2nd Series) Timetable, 2020 WAEC GCE (Nov/dec) Official Timetable

Is WAEC 2020 Second Series Registration Form still On-sale

WAEC 2020 registration form is on sale. This means that you can purchase WAEC registration pin for August 2020 WAEC Gce. Once it is closed, no student will be able to register 2020 registration form again. I heard the WAEC 2020 Aug/Sept will be closing 31/07/2020, so stop asking - Is the closing date for WAEC Gce out?, Sir when will WAEC registration expire?, What is the date for 2020 Waec exam

Simple Steps to Register 2020 WAEC Second Series

How to Register 2020 Private WAEC Second Series is easy with these simple steps outlined below:
1. WAEC Gce Registration Pin Purchase for Nov Dec WASSCE
WAEC Second Series Form
WAEC 2020 registration pin for August/September Second Series can be purchase here on or WAEC Zonal/Branch offices nationwide.
2. WAEC Nov Dec Login
WAEC Second Series Form
Candidates are to start their Registration by enrolling their fingerprints and capturing other personal details using the Biometric Data Capture software. Click here to download if you have a fingerprint scanner or visit any Registration Centre with such facilities to scan your fingerprints. Ensure your Surname, Second name and other names are captured using the software.
3. WAEC Candidate Bio data for November December
WAEC Second Series Form
Every prospective WAEC candidate are mandated to provide their bio data which includes Gender, Disability, Marital Status, Maiden Name (if applicable), Date of Birth, Nationality and State of Origin. Note that your name must not be more than 40 characters, this includes spaces between the surname, second name and other name. Please select NONE for disability information if you are not disabled.
4. How to Capture WAEC August September Candidate's Passport Using Webcam
WAEC Second Series Form
The WAEC Second Series Application requires all candidate to take a picture with a webcam with a minimum Camera Specification of 2.0MP 720p USB 2.0 Color: High Resolution RGB Support Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified 2.0 megapixel sensor Up to 30 frames per second. Recommended is the Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 Webcam. Note that the picture will be printed on your WAEC photocard and WAEC certificate.
5. Second Series WAEC Candidate Contact Information
WAEC Second Series Form
The WAEC e-Registration Platform requires all Candidate for the Second Series 2020 GCE Examination should supply their contact information during the WAEC Offline/Online Application, which includes: telephone, email, residential address, residential city, residential state, postal address, city and state. Note that Telephone number is compulsory since it would be used to contact the candidate should the need arise..
6. Preferred WAEC Second Series Examination Town
WAEC Second Series Form
As a Candidate sitting for WAEC External Exam, You are required to choose the exam state and exam town you wish to write the waec 2020 examination. The exact centre will be automatically assigned to you by the system. Please note that you cannot change the waec examination town after submission.
7. WAEC November/December Subject Selection
WAEC Second Series Form
There are rules for selecting your WASSCE Subjects Combination. The Waec Subjects to Sit for in 2020 WAEC Aug/Sept Examinations depends on the course of study the candidate wish to study in the university. What are the compulsory subjects to register in Waec 2020?, Official WAEC Compulsory Subjects for Science student, How Many Subjects Can You Register For in WAEC, Compulsory Subject for Commercial Students in WAEC & NECO, Compulsory Subject For Science Students in WAEC, all WAEC Subjects Combination has been treated in this publication and here are the answers. English Language and General Mathematics have been automatically selected for you because they are compulsory. You are required to select the other subjects you wish to register for in this examination. Please note that a minimum of Seven (7) and a maximum of Nine (9) subjects are allowed (Including Mathematics and English Language).
8. WAEC Aug Sept Gce Declaration
WAEC Second Series Form
You are required to read the declaration section carefully and check or tick the checkboxes before submitting your form. You cannot proceed unless you have done this.
9. Submitting WAEC Aug/Sept Registration
WAEC Second Series Form
Once you have completed the WAEC registration form, you are required to click the ACCEPT button after which a preview of your details will be displayed. You are required to review your waec application at this stage and click the EDIT button if you desire to make any modification to your details. You should click the SAVE button if you want to save your application and still be able to come back and modify it. Note that you can only modify your WAEC GCE Form up to 3 times. Click the SUBMIT button if you want to submit your application. NOTE that you will no longer be able to modify your application once you click the SUBMIT button.
10. Printing WAEC GCE Nov/Dec Admission Notice or WAEC PhotoCard
WAEC Second Series Form
On successful completion and submission of your registration form, the system will allocate a centre to you and generate your examination number. You should then print the admission notice/photo card. Note that this document will be required before you are allowed into the examination hall.

2020 WASSCE Second Series Registration

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has released the 2020 Second Series Registration Form for sale. This publication is to notify the general public and prospective candidates of WAEC who is interested in sitting for the August/September 2020 WAEC GCE examinations. In order to prepare very well for the registration of 2020 WAEC August/September Gce, It is important that you familiarise yourself with everything you need to know about Wassce for private candidates Nov/dec registration. 2020 WAEC second series Registration has recently commence. Here at it is our voluntary obiligation to ensure that everyone is well guided and informed about the procedures for second series 2020 WAEC Gce form for Nov-Dec WASSCE. The reasons for this article is because we find out that the main reason for failure among candidates who have sat for WAEC Gce Examinations in the past was as a result of lack of information about the WAEC external examinations for private candidates. is an approved and accredited agent of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) for purchase of WAEC GCE Registration Form. We have carefully examine keypoint that will enhance high success rates in this forth coming WAEC 2020 2nd series registration. We have streamlined this relevant information for you because we care. To unlock your world of knowledge and make A1, Please go through this publication:

WAEC November December Registration Price

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for private candidates, When will WAEC gce commence, What time will WAEC GCE Registration commence, WAEC Exam timetable, WAEC Second Series Exam timetable, WAEC Exam Date will be announce according to the WAEC timetable,, WAEC Second Series Registration, WAEC Second Series 2020, 2020 WAEC Second Series, WAEC GCE 2020, WAEC Form 2020, WAEC November December Registration, WAEC November December GCE Registration, WAEC GCE Form price, WAEC GCE Form amount, How much is WAEC GCE Form for November December Registration, WAEC, 2020 WASSCE, 2020 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for Private Candidates, Second Series August/September WAEC Exam, When will 2020 WAEC second series commence, The WASSCE for Private Candidates 2020,, 2020 Waec Gce registration Pin, 2020 WAEC GCE registration procedure, 2020 Aug/Sept WAEC GCE registration form, WAEC GCE Nov/dec Timetable, Price of 2020 WAEC GCE Scratch Cards & Selling Points, 2020 WAEC GCE Registration Closing Date, WAEC GCE Walk-in Candidates Registration Process, 2020 WAEC GCE Registration form template, WAEC Syllabus, WAEC Past Questions and Answer, 2020 WAEC GCE Registration Period,

WAEC Aug/Sept 2020 PIN available on, as WAEC announces sales of WAEC Gce Registration Pin.

Private candidates who are interested in sitting for the 2020 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) – Second Series (Aug/Sept WAEC GCE) across Nigeria can now conveniently purchase their WAEC August September Registration PINs on and make payment for the WAEC Registration Token through Flutterwave or Interswitch Quickteller payment gateway.

WAEC Commence the Sales of WASSCE Registration PINs

WAEC has recently disclosed that Sale of WASSCE Registration PINs can be bought online at as the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) formally announced the commencement of the sale of WASSCE registration TOKENs, starting from June 10 2020 to July 31, 2020. Prospective WAEC Candidates are to Buy WAEC November December Gce PIN online at or purchase the WAEC AugSept Registration Pin from any WAEC Office or Designated Bank Branch nationwide.

Buy WAEC Aug/Sept PIN

To enjoy smooth and easy purchase of (WASSCE) – Second Series (Aug/Sept WAEC GCE PIN) kindly navigate to, intending candidates are to visit the website for WAEC Aug Sept pin vending, Click on Buy WAEC AUG/SEPT GCE FORM, fillout all required customer details on the checkout page and choose their preferred payment channel. guarantee's 24/7 fast instant speedy delivery of WAEC Second Series Registration Token immediately after successful payment at zero charge.

WAEC Aug/Sept Website

Once the payment for the WAEC November December Second Series Pin is successfully completed, the WAEC exam registration token is delivered to the buyer online on At the point of online delivery of the WAEC Aug Sept Registration Pin, the candidate is then expected to proceed to WAEC’s website to complete registration with the WAEC Gce Pin obtained. All WAEC Candidates MUST be prepared to observe all COVID-19 Regulations during the WAEC GCE SSCE Examinations

August/September WAEC Examination for Private Candidates

Prospective candidates of the 2020 August/September WAEC Examination for Private Candidates can begin and complete payments on on their internet-enabled laptop, desktop computers or mobile phones using the - WAEC trusted online partner. is a leading WAEC ePin Vending platform in Nigeria that helps individuals and businesses including cybercafes to easily buy WAEC Cards, NECO Tokens, NABTEB Scratch Card and other digital products online.

WASSCE for Private Candidates 2020 – Second Series

WASSCE for Private Candidates 2020 Second Series is an urban-based examination and WAEC November December Gce Exam will be conducted at a period to be announced in due course. The WAEC 2020 Second Series Examinations will allow candidates to take maximum of Nine subjects out of the total of Thirty-Six subjects that will be available for the examination. The West African Examinations Council is an examination board established to conduct waec ssce examinations and to award waec certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally.

WAEC GCE 2020 Registration Form | August/September (2nd Series)

2020 WAEC GCE Registration Form: West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for Private Candidates [WAEC GCE] Second (2nd) Series [August/September] 2nd Series Online Registration Form | Payment | Price | Closing Date for 2019/2020 Session. WAEC GCE Exam Time-Table 2020 | Aug/Sept 2nd Series, Sales of Gce PIN for the 2020 Aug/Sept WAEC GCE Second Series Examination can be purchase online at, After PIN purchase, registration to be completed at, WAEC GCE Approved Exam Towns 2020, WAEC GCE List of Subjects 2020, WAEC GCE Registration Form Template 2020

2020 WASSCE Private Candidate Second Series

This WAEC article will provide all prospective candidate with the necessary information about the 2020 WASSCE for Private Candidates – Second Series Registration date, How to Register for the WAEC Exam, WAEC Examination timetable, and WAEC General guidelines. Meanwhile the WAEC Gce online registration for the WAEC GCE (WASSCE) 2020 Private Candidate – Second Series is in progress. Interested candidates can now proceed to purchase WAEC Gce Registration Pin from and complete the WAEC registration process for the 2020 WAEC GCE private candidate- second series. 2020 WASSCE Private Candidate Second Series. 2020 WAEC GCE August/September Registration Form Second Series will close on 31st of July 2020

How to Register WAEC 2020 November/December

Banks selling 2020 Nov-Dec WAEC Gce form, Post offices selling WAEC Janfeb form, Where can I obtain the Registration pin for 2020 WAEC GCE Registration, How to complete my WAEC second series registration, Pls when is the waec gce second series 2020, Please when is WAEC and Gce registration starting and ending, Pls when is WAEC GCE exams starting, Please when is WAEC gce registration and WAEC examination starting, I want to register for 2020 WAEC Second Series Exams, Pls is the timetable for wassce Gce 2020 out, Please send me the details of waec gce timetable, Please is there any waec gce examination after this present one they are writing, When is waec gce 2020 starting, Do i need to go to my examination center before the commencement of the WAEC Gce exam?, Pls what is the interval between the WAEC gce private registration and the main waec exams, I just saw my waec gce result today, I want to buy 2020 WAEC form, When is the closing date for 2020 GCE, Please how many subject can I register for WAEC GCE Exam because I got d7 in English, Is WAEC GCE exam still starting next week, Please where did you register your Waec GCE, Please when will the 2020 WAEC GCE exam going be written, Pls what about WAEC 2020 timetable, Pls how can i get the Waec second series timetable, When will WAEC Release 2020 second series Result, Which day is exam date for WAEC 2020 GCE exam, Pls when will WAEC Gce registration closing? shall it reach next month, How will I Register my WAEC GCE, How Will I Be Registered for WAEC Second Series, I got D7 in English in my waec should I write gce, When will late WAEC Gce registration form be out, Has 2020 WAEC second series been closed?, Has WAEC closed second series Registration Form?, Pls how is home management practical in waec gce, I would like to register for WAEC August September but how, What type of passport is needed for WAEC Second series registration, Current news on 2020 WAEC GCE Registration, Latest news on 2020 WAEC Aug/Sept Registration Form, I want to register for 2020 WAEC GCE but dont know how?, I want to register for waec nov/dec 2020 how do I go about it?, Nearest WAEC office Where I can apply for the 2020 WAEC GCE form, Nearest WAEC Office were I can Register WAEC 2020 second series, Which bank will I get the 2020 WAEC form, I checked first bank and other banks they said 2020 Second Series form is not yet out, How much is the registration fee for 2020 WAEC second series, I went to Wema bank, sterling bank, and diamond bank to get the 2020 GCE form but they said is not avaliable please where can I buy my WAEC 2020 Gce form, Does it mean registration for second series WAEC form has closed?, Where can I register for WAEC GCE 2020 and how much is d nov/dec waec form, Can I register 2020 second series WAEC GCE form in a Cybercafe without going to a WAEC office?, After Purchasing WAEC Second Series Registration Pin the form refuse to submit with the error massage error occured please try again what do I do to complete the WAEC nov/dec registration?, Is the WAEC Second Series Online or Offline, Is the 2020 Waec registration online or where will I register, When will WAEC second series GCE close, For a science students which subject will I choose for WAEC nov/dec registration, When is GCE registration going to start for november december 2020 and when will it close?, When is 2020 GCE form comming out, WAEC private candidate – Second Series 2020, Please when will WAEC GCE registration start, How to purchase 2020 WAEC GCE Pin, When is waec second series registration going to end, I want to write nov/dec waec gce, When is the 2020 registration coming up for WAEC Second Series, Pls I was given a wrong WAEC GCE center and I was told that the center does not exist anymore what do I do, When is waec second series registration ending, Will there be second series of WAEC GCE this year?, Please when will 2020 waec forms come out, When is waec registration closing for nov/dec 2020, Has the closing date of november december waec gce been extended, Can the WAEC e-pin for 2020 registration be purchased online?, Please I dont understand the mean of WAEC second series, Can someone explain november december WAEC second series, Can the closing date of WAEC 2nd Series be extended, When is waec for 2020 closing, I want to write fine art in WAEC GCE exam what can I do, Is it true that 2020 WAEC 2nd series registration will end this month, Please has registration for 2020 waec second series started, Pls I want to register for the waec gce 2nd series examination for 2020, Please how much for WAEC 2020 registration Pin, How much is the cost of 2nd series WAEC Form, When is the closing date for 2020 waec GCE?, How much is WAEC GCE form for science student

How Much Is WAEC 2nd Series Form

How much is WAEC 2nd series form for science student, Where can I register waec second series at low price, When will the second waec gce form be out for the year 2020, Suppose I buy the 2020 WAEC Gce form and didnot write the WAEC GCE Exam will I pass?, Pls is it still possible to register for the ongoing WAEC GCE for 2020, Please do You Have a sample of the WAEC second series gce practical past question for chemistry, Is the 2020 WAEC registration finished?, How can I apply for waec 2020 nov/dec walk-in candidate examination, How much is november december 2020 waec gce registration, When is this 2020 waec result coming out, 2020 Wassce nov/dec form, Second Series WASSCE 2020 Registration Form, Please I need WAEC Aug Sept e-pin, Pls do waec charge for correction of name for WAEC Gce Registration, Pls when is GCE for second series starting and how can I pay online, Please I need to register my son for WAEC GCE, Is it truth that WAEC second series is closing next week, Please I heard they have extended the closing date for 2020 WAEC second series, Can WAEC second series scratch card be obtained in Abuja and choose examination center in Anambra State, When is the next WASSCE second series registration starting, WAEC Second series photocard, WAEC second series attestion card, When will the 2020 WAEC nov/dec timetable be released, Please is the 2020 waec GCE form still available because I want to buy one for my son, Please can I change the passport photograph I used to register my WAEC Gce after registration, Please when is 2020 WAEC GCE, I lost my WAEC GCE pin for November December Registration given to me at the bank after paying for it and am yet to do the registration, WAEC second series biometric, After getting the WAEC second series epin from bank what is the next step, Pls when is the deadline for gce 2020 WAEC registration, I have successfully registered my WAEC Gce form and I have not been given the WAEC photocard, Sir when will WAEC 2020 GCE time table be out, Please which bank is selling WAEC Nov/dec form, How Can I Get the Form Of Waec Gce For this year, Please how can I register, please when is the waec second series for 2020 going to start?, Please when is the Waec gce 2nd series exam registration coming up?, When is the deadline for waec gce second series registration, Pls When is WAEC Second Series Exam Registration Closing, When is d waec gce form for 2nd series coming out, Please how can someone register WAEC GCE online, Please how do I register for second series WAEC Gce, Please when is the Waec Gce second series exam and where can I get the Waec gce form, Pls reply fast when will WAEC GCE form be out, Pls do give me a feedback on the WAEC gce registration for second series, Please when will the waec gce form (second series) be out?, When is waec gce form for August/September coming out for 2020, What is WAEC second series, When is Waec gce second series 2020 form out, Please where can I get the 2020 waec form, How much for WAEC 2020 form, Pls when will waec payment end for second series waec, Please is the Waec gce Aug/Sept form out and how much, Please is waec registration once a year, Pls has the waec registration for gce nov/dec ended, Registration deadline for 2020 waec gce, How much is the total amount for registration for both WAEC and NECO Gce, Pls can one use the waec gce to enter into any university in Europe, What about 2020 waec timetable, Can one write WAEC GCE even though he/she didnt write WAEC May/June?, Pls how much is waec gce form sold?, how to register for 2020 WAEC second series exams, 2020 WAEC August/September WASSCE second series (Private candidates), When is the actual closing date for registration of 2020 WAEC second series, Will the WAEC Gce registration portal still be open after closing date, Pls I want to change my state of origin in weac gce registration, How can I buy waec Gce form or scratch card for registration 2020 WAEC nov/dec registration, Can someone register for waec gce when or she failed May/June WAEC, How to obtain WAEC GCE form, I misplaced my WAEC photocard and I cant remember my password, The person who registered my waec gce registered a wrong date of birth Please can it be corrected since I have not written the exam?, How can I change my name in the waec gce form after the registration, Is it possible to add another subject after I have successfully registered my waec gce form?, When is the waec gce likely to come out, How much is the cost of waec second series registration form, Pls after the WAEC second series registration how do I get to know when the exams starts and the subject I will be writing?, When will d next WAEC GCE come up, Which day is Jamb and Waec and Gce registration starting, Please when will the waec gce results be released

Can I Register for November December WAEC GCE

Can I registar for WAEC GCE now, How is Waec gce scores counted?, Is there any WAEC syllabus for gce especially on literature-in-english?, Please I want to know when the WAEC Gce Registration will be over, Please my brother registered for WAEC exam but just after paying in the money the WAEC site began to have issues so he wasnt able to upload passport what should I do?, Can I get someone to help me write my WAEC Exam and how much will it cost me?, Pls where is the WAEC exam centres for candidates who are offering French in WAEC GCE exam, The 2020 WAEC GCE (second series) official price is N13950 plus a commission of N500 making a total of N14450, Closing date for WAEC second series is July 31st 2020, WAEC GCE registration form how much, When is the closing date for gce waec exam, Please is WAEC Gce form for nov/dec out already and when is it closing, Where I can get 2020 WAEC second series form at cheap price, When this the closing date waec private examination 2020 and the registration amount, Is candidates finger prints required for WAEC gce registration, Is Gce waec registration still on, Can I get waec gce form to buy tomorrow, Please does one need to buy scratch card before starting the WAEC GCE registration, The WAEC website for GCE registration is not going, Pls when will waec 2nd series registration commence?, Pls when will waec november december gce start, When Is the WAEC november december gce taking place, Pls when is november december registration of waec gce starting and the price, Please can I still register for nov/dec waec now, Please can I still obtain november december waec form and how much is it and also with the WAEC site to register the WAEC form, When will GCE and WAEC form come out and pls which one comes first, Where can I buy gce form and how can I register, When will next year WAEC GCE registration take place, When is second series of gce waec starting, Please can someone still register for Nov-Dec 2020 gce this month?, Please is there room for waec second series late registration?, Is wassce GCE form still selling, I want to buy the nov/dec form, Is WAEC GCE registration still on please i wish to register, Pls is WAEC Gce form still available, Please can I still register nov/dec GCE form, Is GCE registrations for waec still on, Where to buy gce form online, Nov/dec registration on waec gce website is not found, Can WAEC GCE 2020 Exam be extended, When is the expiration date of 2020 Gce registration, Sir pls when is the WAEC form going to be expired, I was told WAEC Gce is ending today, Please were can I buy the 2020 waec gce form and how much are they selling it?, When is another waec gce form coming out in this year, How will I get the 2020 WAEC GCE form to register, When is WAEC GCE registration for 2020 nov/dec stopping or has it stopped?, Pls what is the difference between WAEC Gce August/September and August/September?, hw much for WASSCE registration for GCE, When is sales of August/September WAEC Form starting, WAEC Please reopen the gce registration portal, Will there be another waec gce registration coming again after january and february registration?, When is the next waec GCE registration commencing, When is WAEC registration closing please, How many gce are going to be held in a year?, When is waec enrollment starting for november december, For someone that hasnt done his or her WAEC nov/dec registration can he still do that, my son wants to do the Aug/Sept GCE WAEC how do we register pls, When is waec gce coming up again, Sir I thumbprinted twice because there was a mistake in my data but I only did one complete WAEC registration and hope that wont affect my result?, How much is the price of 2020 WAEC GCE registration form, WAEC gce special centers, When will the gce form close, Pls is there any special centers for WAEC August September, I am very happy this evening when I had dat waec bodies have extend the closing date of waec novdec gce registration, My waec registration, When is the August September GCE registration ending, Pls when is the gce waec second series 2020

Is WAEC Gce for August September On?

When is waec registration starting next year, When is waec 2020 date, When will sale of waec form begin, How to pass waec 2020/2021, How will waec 2020 look like?, What are the things that waec will set in 2020?, Does waec repeat past questions, I need 2020 waec timetable, I want waec timetable sir, When is the WAEC registration going to be closed, Good morning please when will Waec 2019/2020 registration start, Pls how do I check or know my registered subjects in Wassce 2020, Sir please is the specimen for waec 2020 (chem, phy, biology and agric) practical out?, I want to see my waec subject, how can I do private registration online, Is WAEC Gce registration on, Send me the timetable, This time table is not complete why?, Are you going to bring out the actual waec time table, Is the WAEC timetable out, Pls when are we starting waec, Pls when are you starting waec, 2020 waec date, What is d penalty or extra charges on waec 2020 registration, Pls hope the waec timetable will not change again, Please sir I went to waec office today at yaba I was told that waec registration has been closed what can I do sir because I need to write the waec exam, I really want to pass waec gce how can I pass waec, When is waec registration closing finally, when will waec end, Is the rumors about waec timetable for second series true because I did not see it online, Can WAEC extend the external registration for 2020, When will the waec practical start?, When will they close waec thumbprinting, how can I pass WAEC GCE Exam without malpractics in Nigeria?, WAEC thumb printing is giving us tough time due to network problem and because of that the turn up of the 2020 WAEC registration is very low so we are pleading for the extension of the waec registration and thumb printing, sorry have waec thumb print started working?, I need the waec gce syllabus, Private candidates are those dat register for WAEC GCE exam, Is waec wicked, Why is waec wicked, When is the original date for 2020 wassce starting, Pls I want to know the actual date Waec gce will start, l am ready for waec gce exam, How much I go pay for waec form for 2020 plz I beg you, Waec jeje oooo, The new price for waec registration, Pls I heard it that waec will be closing last week of July pls is it true, Can I register for both waec and jamb, Please how much is the registration for 2020 WAEC second series, When is the particular date the WAEC 2020 registration to commence, price and time table and please can you give us clue of the best schools where we can get good waec result, the waec timetable, Waec abeg you people should make our questions simple o, Please I want to know when 2020-2021 waec will start registration?, Please I want to write the wassce again but I want to register it online please how much is the waec fees, When will waec registration stop, Do you want to write 2020 waec gce exam?, Do you want to write waec in August, I heard that waec 2020 will be holding in September because of the Covid19 holiday is that true sir?, I want to register for WAEC GCE NovDec exams Is the registration form out?, When is the second series private candidate examination?, How do I start registering waec in my cybercafe?, Pls Sir I Have Been Seeing Different Dates For Waec Pls When Is Commercial Students Waec 2020 Exam Starting I Mean What is the Waec Date, I dont mind paying the late entry I have someone I want to registar for the August September waec exam, When would waec start, Please someone should kindly help me with the complete WAEC 2020 timetable for nov/dec gce, Can I still register for waec before month end?, When is the deadline of wace registration for this year, What is the maximum age that can register for waec gce exam, I read online that waec registration has been extended to November please is it true because I want to register this week, Pls what is the waec registration fees for Aug Sept 2020, Will I have the chance to register waec second series after the close of registration?, Wat is d closing date for waec gce registration?, Waec Past Question, 2020 Waec Past Question, Second Series Waec Past Questions, Is it true that the waec registration for 2020 second series is closing at the end of this July?, When is WAEC Registration really coming up, How do I start waec gce registration business in my cybercafe

How Many Times Is Waec GCE Written In A Year?

Waec GCE for private candidates is written two (2) times in a year. That is WAEC First Series (Jan/Feb) and WASSCE Second series (Aug/Sept) formally referred to WAEC Nov/Dec Exam

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